Bedrijfspresentatie: Software makes the world go round and can stop it too


More and more, the world depends on software. Individuals, businesses, and countries even, are increasingly dependent on the proper functioning of the software. Individuals rely on their apps to stay connected, do their groceries and plan their vacations. For many businesses digitalization is a critical way forward, and countries rely on software systems for their economy and infrastructure. In just a few decades, the world has become addicted to technology. Yet, often software remains a black box which is insufficiently understood and under control. Software Improvement Group (SIG) opens these black boxes and shows what’s inside – in non-technical terms, and translates the contents to risks, mitigations and prevention. Using Sigrid, SIG’s platform for opening up these black boxes, we are on a mission to create a healthier digital world. Join us in our talk to learn more about how you can become (and should be) part of that mission too!



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